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I have loved animals my entire life and I cannot dream of any other way of living. I LOVE Dachshunds and strive to breed for the quality and conservation of the breed.  I encourage everyone to go to the AKC website and the Dachshund Club of America website

My dream is to have healthy purebred puppies that can find a home with fulfilling lives for both pet parents and the puppy. It is always my hope the experience is rewarding and you love your dachshund as much as I do mine. Remember they are hounds and can be stubborn so some training is required, but well worth the effort.

A deposit is required to reserve one of my babies for your family. This secures the puppy of your choice for you. Therefore, this deposit is not refundable, should you, the buyer, fail to for any reason to complete the purchase. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to move the deposit to a different puppy, at the breeder's discretion, but not refunded. Should we be unable to provide you with the puppy (sickness or death) we would refund the deposit.

I have three passions in my life 1) My dogs 2) My horses 3) My artwork. What a wonderful life to do what you love. I am blessed!


I raise and I am a carded judge of Missouri Foxtrotting horses. Visit their website:

Love Judging the Youth or Leadline classes.
2014 Hall of Fame member

I was inducted into the MFTHBA Hall Of Fame in 2014.  

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